T-minus five days and counting…

by Brett Twitty

The college football season may officially kick off this Thursday evening, but the real football season commences this Friday afternoon. That’s right. NC State and South Carolina? I’m talking about Cat Store vs. Holy Shirts and Pants. Cue the Hank Williams Jr.

This Friday at 4:00 p.m., after months (or at least weeks – okay so maybe just a couple days) of breathless anticipation, four teams will take to the law school lawn in an age-old struggle for law school dominance otherwise known as our Law School Football League (LSFL). Let the prognostications/inter-class rivalry/good-natured trash talking begin.

In the coming weeks, twelve teams will battle over an eight game regular season (plus playoffs) for the coveted crown of LSFL champion. At some schools, such a title may be a thoroughly ephemeral superlative, but at W&L Law, it’s the stuff of class hegemony. It’s the kind of thing that bothers teams and classes enough for them to swear vengeance in subsequent athletic competitions: “Well, there’s always floor hockey” or “They can’t possibly be good at basketball”, and if all else fails, “I hear they’re terrible at softball.”

Normally, an LSFL team does not really hit its stride until perhaps its second or third year, but, last year, in something of a shocker, a team of 1L upstarts “stole” (quotes added) the title (and that of nearly every other intramural competition). This year? Well, it’s really anyone’s guess. Predicting law school football games, much like fingerprinting, astrology or crystal therapy, is something of an inexact science. Plus, while they may be new to the league, I hear that faculty/staff team is pretty good. Get your popcorn ready.

This Friday (and for the next couple of months), our students will take to the law school lawn in one of W&L Law’s great annual scenes. Whether you play or spectate is really of no great consequence. In fact, it’s not even really about football. It’s simply about spending time with your classmates. I’ve always felt the start of LSFL is the real beginning of the law school year. The first couple weeks of class invariably fly by, but by the time the first football games roll around, everyone is beginning to feel settled and at home. I suppose only one question remains: Are you ready for some football?

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