So you’re taking the September LSAT…

Our first “application” related post. I suppose this was inevitable. Tis the season. It can’t be all Law School Football League, Moot Court, Honor System, Student Organizations, Third Year Skills Immersion and International Law all the time.

I’ve been getting a number of questions lately about how candidates should handle the submission of their application if they are taking the September LSAT. Should they wait until their score is available to submit everything? Should they go ahead and submit the other parts of their application so that our office is only waiting on their LSAT score? Admittedly, from cycle to cycle, this is a fairly common predicament. Applicants seem to think that there is something wrong with submitting their application before their LSAC file is complete with transcript(s), LSAT score and recommendations. Please don’t worry – sending us your application before everything else is teed up is fine. Waiting? Well, that’s less fine.

As a general policy, with all application matters, sooner is almost always better. Consequently, if you’re taking the September LSAT, we encourage you to submit an application now, and begin sending along the various constituent parts of your Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report (detailed above) to the LSAC. By doing this, your file will be complete (and therefore eligible for review) much sooner than if you wait until you receive your results to begin the application process or to submit other required documents to the LSAC.

If you’ve previously taken the LSAT, do not worry that we might somehow review your (technically complete) file before we receive your new LSAT score. Simply provide us, in Section I, Item 8 of our application, the date of your future LSAT administration, and we’ll hold your file for review until we receive scores from that test.  If you change your mind, (and decide not to sit for the test after all, or decide to sit for a later test administration) please contact us so that we can either remove the “hold” on your file or change the date on which we’ll check for a new score.

Furthermore, we make admissions decisions on a rolling basis, and there is no early action program. Each year, we wait until we have a critical mass of applications to begin our review (so that we might have some perspective on the kinds of application we’re seeing in a given cycle), and while each year is just a little different than its predecessors, we don’t typically achieve this volume until November or December.

For more information on our application process, please feel free to see our application webpage. In addition, be sure to check the blog over the coming months as we will continue to address application related issues.

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