This Week at W&L Law…

by Brett Twitty

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on campus. This time of year is always hectic. You’d like to think you could ease back into the school year, but it never seems to work that way.


On-campus interviewing began in earnest. Our first guest lecturer of the year, Unity Dow, discussed the challenges inherent in defining human rights “abuse” in her native Botswana. Our first year students were introduced to the forty-four (and counting) different ways they could (potentially) get involved at W&L Law. And after two weeks of very long days and a lot of hard work, the third year skills immersion finally wrapped up. As a testament to the staggering amount of work these students did over the past ten days, consider the following:

They interviewed clients. They negotiated. They learned about mediation. They drafted motions. They served motions. They served responses to motions.  They argued motions. They learned about advocacy. They attended three professionalism presentations. They observed deposition demonstrations. They learned about case preparation and the power of presence and persuasion in the courtroom. They made opening statements. They made closing statements. They practiced direct examination. They conducted direct examination. They practiced cross-examination. They conducted cross-examination. They drafted. They edited. They re-drafted. They learned how to properly introduce exhibits. They objected. They argued. They brought a case to trial.

All this, and they had nightly reading assignments. And that’s just two weeks.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at W&L Law, and it only stands to get busier. For pictures, see our latest Scene on Campus feature on the law school homepage.

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