What’s a Law Ambassador?

Today at 6:00 p.m. there will be a general interest meeting for our Law Ambassador program. But really. What is a Law Ambassador?

Well, Law Ambassadors are a select group of students who work throughout the calendar year with the Office of Admissions to enhance the prospective student experience at W&L Law. Yes, they give tours, but they are more than just tour guides. They are the principal student liaisons between our office and prospective students. They provide an invaluable perspective on life at W&L Law, and, more than likely, whether you come to campus for an individual visit or for a more formal group event, a great many of the students with whom you will interact will be Law Ambassadors.

In the past, we’ve had about twenty students serve in this capacity, and, every year, I’m impressed by the amount of interest there is in this program. However, to be perfectly candid, it’s not that surprising. That’s just kind of how our law school is. In fact, I think the volume of interest is not so much a testament to the organization as it is tellingly reflective of the kind and quality of students we have at Washington and Lee. Our students are engaged and active, both in and out of the classroom, throughout their three years on campus, and most of them really enjoy their time here. Consequently, they actually enjoy sharing their perspective on W&L Law and speaking and connecting with applicants who are in the process of finding the law school that’s the right fit for them. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that they were in your position.

For more information about the Law Ambassadors, click here. This program is one more example of the many ways you can get involved at W&L Law (as previously noted, our school has over 40 student organizations (or, if you’re a numbers person, a group for ever 8.91 students).

We encourage you to schedule a visit, come to Lexington and see what our law school is all about. Our visit schedule will be posted in the next couple of days, and, provided class is in session, we offer two visit options (morning and afternoon) each day, Monday through Friday. As part of your visit, you will have the opportunity to sit in on a class, take a tour led by a Law Ambassador, and, depending upon the timing of your visit, meet with an admissions representative. To schedule a visit, please see our Visit page. We hope to see you on campus!

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