Are you ready for some football?

by Brett Twitty

Well, it’s finally here. With the mostly regrettable team names secured, the uniforms designed, the team colors agreed upon, the t-shirts ordered, the disorganized practices held, the preseason games played, the predictions made and the game-planning finished, I think we can finally start now. In less than one hour, the first games of the 2009 Law School Football League (LSFL) season will kick off. Can you tell we’re excited?

This is always a big moment at our law school. On our campus, Friday afternoons in the fall have a certain vibe. There’s almost a palpable sense of expectancy and excitement hanging in the air. This thing that everyone looks forward to is almost here. As the above list of preparatory activities perhaps suggests, a great deal of emotional and physical energy is invested in the making of a law school football team. Even the worst teams will have spent hours engaged in what some might consider “preparation.” All this on top of law classes, on-campus interviewing, job stuff, extracurricular engagements and Moot Court? Well, I’m pretty sure our students will gladly endure any amount of hardship, discomfiture, late nights and early mornings for law school football.

These first moments of the young football season always feel ripe with possibility. Anything and everything could happen. Until the teams take the law school lawn, no one really knows how the season might unfold. Will a 1L team win the championship again? Will last year’s champion repeat? Will the Staff team yet again prove that age is really just a number? Your guess is as good as mine. However, one thing’s for sure: It will be a lot of fun.

I’m not really sure if there are a great many other law schools that make such a big deal about a particular intramural sporting activity. Seriously. No less than two full pages of our twelve page law school newspaper (that’s 16% for those of you keeping score at home), the Law News, were devoted to LSFL coverage. Teams were profiled, players feted, prognostications cast, rivalries renewed, adversaries taunted. Admittedly, it’s always a bit of a challenge to come up with twelve pages of law school related news so early in the academic year, but perhaps what’s more impressive is that LSFL coverage will continue to command such rapt journalistic attention from our law school’s principal student news outlet for the next two and half months. For those of you who find feats of athletic daring less than riveting, I recommend the Law News’ annual LSFL uniform review. Not to be missed.

To me, this day is in some ways what being a student at W&L Law is all about. Attending our law school is not like going to law school anywhere else in the country. Our students work extremely hard, but every Friday in the fall (and really, throughout the school year, for that matter), they make time to come together, as a community, and hang out. And I suppose a little football is played during the process.

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