LSFL Strikes Back…

Just when you thought this blog might have become too “serious,” too “legal,” too “boring,” along comes a beautiful, balmy Friday afternoon and the promise of law school football. It’s Week Three, and, well, I’m not really sure what that means (if anything). At the very least, it means we’re (sadly) one week closer to Floor Hockey season. Bummer.

Admittedly, there’s a not a great deal to report. This league is nothing if not a journalist’s nightmare. Where’s our Terrell Owens? Where’s our Spygate? Why hasn’t anyone tweeted about how bad their quarterback is? This lack of blog fodder perhaps results from the fact that 1) Everyone here is pretty nice, 2) I think I may be the only twenty something with a Twitter account and 3) Even if you’re losing, playing/watching football on a Friday afternoon is still a pretty great way to spend a Friday afternoon. At this rate, we may very well have to manufacture some controversy. What would Chris Mortensen do? Long story short: Two weeks of football have been played. The teams that were good last year are apparently still pretty good, 1L teams have mostly struggled and the Staff team, perhaps unsurprisingly, continues to search for its first victory (I believe we prefer the term “sleeping giant”).


However, LSFL is only one of several competitions taking place on campus in the coming weeks. Next Friday, September 25th marks the occasion of the Final Round of our Negotiations Competition, and this week 88 of our students have been engaged in oral argument as part of the First Round of our annual Appellate Advocacy Competition. As the past few blog posts have indicated, it’s a busy time both on and off campus, but it’s never so busy that our students don’t stop (or at the very least, slow down) what they’re doing to take part in what is, even three weeks into the season, still a pretty good way to relax and unwind after a long, challenging week of law school.


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