Why You Should Visit…

I can’t say this enough: You should visit any law school you are considering attending. It doesn’t have to be now or three months from now, but you absolutely have to visit.

There is no substitute for a visit. No amount of time spent with a viewbook or a website can give you as full and rich a sense of life at a law school as a visit can. It is truly the only way to get a meaningful sense of what any school is all about, of just what your life might be like as a student there. Law schools can often seem fungible when viewed from an arm’s length, but they are not – when you step on campus you can begin to discern and appreciate the critical differences between schools.

We think visiting is particularly important at W&L Law. As we’ve said many times before, going to our law school is unlike going to law school anywhere else. Only by visiting can you appreciate just what we mean when we talk about having a total student body of around 400 or a targeted incoming class of 128 or an average upper level class size of 22 or a 9.52:1 student-to-faculty ratio or a small section of 20. But then again, don’t take our word for it. Consider these quotes from a few of our 1Ls:

  • For me, visiting W&L and seeing Lexington really made a difference in making my decision about law school. Lexington is such a unique and amazing place, and you can’t really understand it until you get here. Being in the law school and sensing the community built around you is a really great experience that I could not have found on the website or in a brochure.  My visit to W&L was informative and a great experience, but the best part about coming to Lexington was getting to see that W&L was the perfect fit for me. Being able to talk to students, who were more than willing to have honest conversations with me, was such a nice opportunity. Any doubts I had about life in Lexington or W&L were gone by the time I left the school after my visit.
  • The campus visit is an invaluable experience. A prospective student can’t tell by looking at the website or reading U.S. News and World Report the friendly and collegial atmosphere that Washington & Lee Law School fosters. Students who have not yet visited the school can’t tell how stimulating the classes are or picture themselves clearly as future law school students.
  • My campus visit to W & L was absolutely crucial in my decision to attend this great law school. The ability to get a feel for the campus, the town, and most importantly the school itself was invaluable. Most importantly however, the visit afforded me the opportunity to actually experience the sense of community, a feeling of home, that W&L so proudly touts. It is not just a sales pitch, it’s the truth.
  • I had no idea what to expect before my visit to W&L. I had heard a lot of negative comments directed towards the town size and location. But visiting was the best thing to change my view. The town is larger than I expected. Its peaceful here but not boring. I also gained an appreciation for how much the faculty, staff and older students care about our well-being from these visits. I think that personal attention and concern is something missing at a lot of other schools. And I would have never known about it had I not visited and had only judged W&L from what I heard.
  • I think it is imperative to visit Washington and Lee School of Law, as the unique close-knit community found at W&L cannot be easily gleaned from statistics. However, upon setting foot on campus, the camaraderie among all students becomes clear almost immediately. This sense of community pervades the campus, facilitating interaction among students are varying and distinct backgrounds.
  • I believe that a campus visit is important because it allows a prospective student to experience the small campus feel. It allows one to picture herself here and see whether it is the type of atmosphere she can see herself in for three years. For me, coming from a large, urban school, I was shocked to pass a stranger on the street and have her say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and wait for an answer. My visit assured me that W&L was different from what I was used to, but exactly what I needed. The welcoming community I entered on my visit was refreshing from the hustle and bustle of a city, where people are always in a hurry, and the perfect atmosphere in which to immerse myself while studying the law.
  • Visiting the law school campus (generally) was one of the most crucial factors in my decisionmaking.  There are certain aspects of a law school (i.e. collegiality among students, faculty and staff; academic and social environments) that you just can’t discern from a brochure or a ranking.
  • Prospective students should visit Washington & Lee because there’s really no better way to understand the kind of community that exists here. The sense of community, as well as the welcoming environment, make W&L a truly unique place. No matter how much we tell you, there’s no substitute for experiencing it first-hand.
  • I think it is important for prospective students to visit W&L Law because, after hearing the horror stories any prospective law student is bound to hear, it can be hard to believe that a law school creates a supportive and even fun atmosphere for students.  It can almost seem to good to be true, and a campus visit is the only way to truly experience that. Campus visits are essential because what makes W&L so special is this atmosphere rather than any statistics that can be understood through a brochure.
  • I found the campus visit important because I had a chance to sit in on a class, visit with other students, and get a feel for the campus and community, all of which gave me a thorough impression of the school as well as confidence that I would receive an exceptional education that will take me anywhere.

We invite you to schedule an individual visit to campus. As the above comments attest, visiting is easily the best way to experience just what makes W&L Law distinctive, and, provided classes are in session, we offer two times (a morning and an afternoon option) each day, Monday through Friday, when you can come to campus. During your visit, you will have an opportunity to sit in on a class, tour the law building with a current student, and, depending upon the timing of your visit, meet with an admissions representative. For more about scheduling a visit to our law school, please see our Visiting webpage.

One Response to Why You Should Visit…

  1. Steve Stockton says:

    The first time I saw W&L was the day I was to move into room 123 in Baker dormitory (which, at the time, was set aside for law students). I drove right past the dorm, thinking “nah, the place I’m looking for must be bigger than that.” The place grew on me, and now I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

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