W&L Law ACS Named Chapter of the Week

The W&L Law American Constitution Society (ACS) chapter was recently recognized by the national ACS organization as “Chapter of the Week,” and this honor is certainly well-deserved. It may be only October, but our chapter has already sponsored a number of extremely successful campus events with even more slated for the coming weeks.

On October 13th, ACS hosted the always popular Supreme Court preview in which several W&L Law professors discussed a few of the compelling cases that will be before the Supreme Court of the United States in the upcoming term. To read more about this event, as well as listen to audio commentary from the participating professors, click here. Video of the event is available below:

Last Friday, the group sponsored two events including a drug policy panel discussion entitled, “Drugs: Science, Reality and Legality.” As part of the discussion, Dr. Stuart Finkelstein, M.D., a leading addiction specialist in the United States, explained the science and reality of drugs and addiction, and Washington and Lee Law Professor Erik Luna presented the legal aspects of drug policy. The speakers also contrasted the current legal and medical responses to drugs in the United States with approaches in the rest of the developed world. Later that evening, on a slightly more lighthearted note, the group hosted a Trivia Night at a downtown Lexington eatery that was open to all members of the W&L Law community.

Lastly, the group will be sponsoring two events next week that will allow W&L Law students to explore the relevance of story-telling to the effective practice of law. Next Wednesday, November 4th, noted storyteller, Noa Baum, an internationally known, professional storyteller who was born and raised in Jerusalem during the turmoil of the ’60s and ’70s, will tell the story of the friendship she developed with a Palestinian woman while living in America, a narrative entitled, “A Land Twice Promised.” In this one-woman theater production, Ms. Baum will weave together the story of their developing friendship and the experiences of their mothers–two generations of women living on opposite sides of a long-standing struggle.

The following day, Ms. Baum will lead a workshop, “Creative Lawyering – Storytelling to Develop Innovative Thinking” in which participating law students will have an opportunity to enhance their ability to hear and tell the stories of their clients, explore and expand their creative self-expression and thinking, examine the process of storytelling and its relation to facts and develop collaboration and team building skills.

We would like to congratulate our ACS chapter on its recent accolades. For a listing, as well as detailed descriptions, of our many student organizations, click here. If you are a prospective student who is interested in learning more about what our many student organizations have planned for the coming year, click here.

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