Third Year Skills Immersion – The Remix

It seems like it’s been a while since our last post. Perhaps because it’s been a while since our last post. What can I say. It’s not you, it’s me. Or rather it’s us. December is a pretty slow month on any law campus. Exams, exams and more exams. Even the most capable of bloggers would be hard-pressed to find something about which to blog. However, it’s a new year, a new decade, and time for a new post.

Last week, the 78 third-year students participating in our new third year completed their second of two skills immersions. As we noted in an earlier blog post, the first skills immersion was more litigation-oriented and, during this two week period, the students interviewed clients, negotiated, drafted motions, served motions, served responses to motions, argued motions, made opening statements, made closing statements, conducted direct examination, conducted cross-examination and even brought a case to trial (just to name few things). So much for easing into the school year.

This semester’s activities were no less challenging, but focused on skills associated with transactional practice.  The skills were taught and exercised in the context of a simulated sale of a business, and the students prepared due diligence reports, interviewed and counseled clients, prepared term sheets, negotiated a deal, drafted in a contractual context, and managed the process of closing a deal. All negotiations and meetings were recorded for review and evaluation by a professor, as well as for review by the students.

Listen to our students’ reflections on the first skills immersion below (via our YouTube channel):

The skills immersions are only one part of the third year curricular reform at W&L Law. As part of our new third year, students also take four electives, three practicum-styled courses and one “real-client” experience (either a clinic or an externship). They also are required to do sixty-five hours of legal service and participate in a regular Professionalism program that investigates topics relevant to the practice of law. Last semester, the students together logged almost 1500 hours participating in law-related community service activities.

For more about the third year curricular reform, please feel free to consult our webpage for the new third year.

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