Law Review Announces 2010-11 Editorial Board

Brandon Hasbrouck named editor in chief of the W&L Law Review

The Editorial Board for Volume 68 of the Washington and Lee Law Review has been announced. Next year’s editor in chief is Brandon Hasbrouck. Executive editors are Andrew D. Atkins and Maryl C. Sattler. The rest of the board includes:

Managing Editors

Lindsay A. Hitz
Aaron R. Sims

Senior Article Editors

Micah P.S. Jost
J. Nathaniel James

Symposium Editor

Robert M. Vrana

Lead Articles Editors

Ryan B. Brimmer
Katherine A. Brings
Katherine M. Brockmeyer
Amelia R. Guckenberg
Christopher J. Hartsfield
Eric C. Howlett
Meghan E. Monaghan
Lauren M. Snyder
Lauren B. Tallent

Additionally, the following student notes have been selected for publication during the 2010–2011 school year:

Andrew D. Atkins, A Complicated Environment:  The Problem with Extending Victims’ Rights to Victims of Environmental Crimes

Katherine M. Brockmeyer, State Regulation of Resale Price Maintenance on the Internet:  The Constitutional Problems with the 2009 Amendment to the Maryland Antitrust Act

Brandon Hasbrouck, If It Looks Like a Duck . . .:  Private International Arbitral Bodies Are Adjudicatory Tribunals Under 28 U.S.C. § 1782(a)

Lindsay A. Hitz, Protecting Blogging:  The Need for an Actual Disruption Standard in Pickering

J. Nathaniel James, The Church Amendment:  In Search of Enforcement

Micah P.S. Jost, Independent Contractors, Employees, and Entrepreneurialism Under the National Labor Relations Act:  A Worker-by-Worker Approach

Alexander L. Merritt, Confession of Error by Administrative Agencies

Maryl C. Sattler, The Problem of Parental Relocation:  Closing the Loophole in International Child Abduction Law

Aaron R. Sims, SIGTARP and the Executive-Legislative Clash:  Confronting a Bowsher Issue with an Eye Toward Preserving the Separation of Powers During Future Crisis Legislation

Lauren B. Tallent, Through the Lens of Federal Evidence Rule 403:  An Examination of Eyewitness Identification Expert Testimony Admissibility in the Federal Circuit Courts

Robert M. Vrana, The Remix Artist’s Catch 22:  A Proposal for Compulsory Licensing for Transformative, Sampling-Based Music

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