Law Journals Announce Leadership

We reported earlier on the announcement of the W&L Law Review Editorial Board. The Law School has three other law journals, all of which have also recently announced the student leadership for the coming year.


Sabina Thaler

Sabina Thaler '11L will lead the JCRSJ next year.

Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice

The Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice is a biannual scholarly publication focusing on legal issues that affect historically underrepresented classes of persons in a wide variety of subject matter that includes real estate, education, healthcare, environment, and public welfare.  JCRSJ publishes articles submitted by leading scholars and practitioners as well as student notes. The Journal also sponsors an annual symposium on a topic relevant to the Journal’s focus.

The senior staff for the 2010-2011 school year are Editor-in-Chief Sabina Thaler; Executive Editor Jennifer Nguyen; Managing Editor Massie Payne; Managing Events Editor Kate Silvers; Editors Robbie Clarke, Christy Harrison, Christina Hud, Kate Lester, T.J. Moran, and Amanda Streff.

The Journal also announced that the following student notes will be published in 2010-2011:

Louise A. Halper Award Winner for Best Note –  Jennifer Nguyen, “The Three P’s of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act:  Unaccompanied Alien Children and the Forgotten P in the William Wilberforce Trafficking Prevention Reauthorization Act.”

Robbie Clarke, “Reaffirming the Role of the Federal Courts: How the Sixties Provide Guidance for Immigration Reform.”

Gail Deady, “The Girl Next Door: A Comparative Analysis of Criminal Vice Laws and Sex Trafficking Victim Identification within the Prostitution Industry.”

Christina Hud, “The Virginia Gardasil Law:  A C onstitutional Analysis of Mandated Protection for Schoolchildren Against the Human Papillomavirus.”

Kate Lester, “The Aftermath of Apprendi v. New Jersey on the Use of DNA Evidence at Sentencing:  Can DNA Alone Convict of Unadjudicated Prior Acts?”

T.J. Moran, “Bittersweet Consequences:  California’s Proposal to Legalize Marijuana and its Potential Effects on Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities.”

Sabina Thaler, “Citizens United and Forced Speech:  Why Disclosure of Corporate Political Expenditures is Necessary to Protect the Dissenting Shareholder after Citizens United v. FEC.”

Journal of Energy, Climate and the Environment

The Washington and Lee School of Law Journal of Energy, Climate, and the Environment  is a student-edited periodical published at the Washington and Lee University School of Law. The Journal includes articles, notes, case summaries, and legislative summaries from professors, practitioners, and students focused primarily on the areas of law surrounding energy and the climate, including, but not limited to, energy generation, energy usage, and climate impacts.

The senior staff for the 2010-2011 school year are Editor-in-Chief Christopher Hirsch; Executive Editor Sheri Hiter; Managing Editor Scott Corley; Managing Events Editor Fadil Bayyari; Senior Articles Editors Kelley Bodell and Stacey Valentine; Legislation Editor Anthony Glover; Case Editors Annalisa Gutierrez and Efe Ukala; Lead Articles Editors Matthew Baker, Trista Kang, Rachel Mack, and Anha Vo.

German Law Journal

The German Law Journal is an online journal that publishes commentary and scholarship in the fields of German, European and international law. Its English-language treatment of comparative and international law attracts more than two million site visits from more than 50 countries each year. W&L students have the opportunity to write book reviews, case comments, short articles, and, following instructional learning, assist in discussing and assessing submissions for the Journal. 

The senior staff for the 2010-2011 school year are Executive Editor Richard Bruno; Managing Editor Jennifer Nguyen; Senior Articles Editor Jonathan Foley; Events Editors Kaitlin Abplanalp and Daniel Goldman; Lead Articles Editors Ryan Brimmer, Robbie Clarke, and David Gundlach. The staff writers are Brian Calabrese, T. Peter Choi, Susanna Fultz, Stephen Harper, Hanna Jamar, Caliandra Lanza-Weil, Rae Mueller, Alexandra Price, and Mary Katherine Vigness.

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