A Few Notes for Transfer Applicants…

As this is the time of year when we begin receiving transfer applications, we thought we might provide those of you contemplating submitting a transfer application to W&L Law answers to a few frequently asked questions.

We believe our law school offers a unique law school experience. Whether it is our collegial community, the accessibility of our faculty, our new third year curriculum, our vaunted Honor System, our strong Alumni network or even our beautiful, historic setting, we believe you will find W&L Law a truly distinctive educational experience. If you are thinking of submitting a transfer application to W&L Law, we would encourage you to do so.

What credentials are necessary for me to be competitive as a transfer applicant at W&L Law?

We do not employ a hard cut-off when reviewing your academic performance at your current law school, your LSAT or your undergraduate GPA and considering your potential for success at W&L Law.

As with our J.D. application review, we take a holistic approach to transfer file review. We do not use a formula. We do not assign specific weights to individual aspects of a candidate’s file. Consistent with this approach, we consider a number of factors when reviewing transfer applications, and no single factor is determinative. Such factors include, but are in no way limited to: undergraduate GPA, first year performance, current institution, letters of recommendation, LSAT score, the letter of good standing from the Dean of your current law school.

If admitted, will I be able to participate in the new third year?

Yes. Once you’ve paid your deposit and confirmed you will be attending W&L Law, a statement of your prior coursework will be prepared by our Director of Law Records and passed along to a Dean for review and assessment. At the conclusion of this assessment, you will receive a letter identifying which W&L degree requirements you’ve fulfilled, those that need to be fulfilled, and the number of transfer credits awarded. This letter is typically mailed within a few weeks after we receive your deposit.

During Orientation, you will register for classes. Advisors will be available to discuss class selection with you so that you can be sure you’ve satisfied the prerequisites necessary for you to participate fully in our third year curriculum. As you may be aware, we have reformed our third year so that it is a transition from law school to the legal profession.

During this year, you will have a variety of experiences all expressly designed to approximate both the intellectual and practical demands of your future life as a lawyer. Over the course of your third year, you will take four elective courses, one “real client” experience (i.e. either a clinic or an externship) and three additional courses taught in a problems-based, practicum style. Each semester will begin with a skills immersion intended to prepare you for the work to come; first semester’s immersion is more litigation-oriented, while second semester’s immersion is more transactionally-oriented. In addition, each student is expected to do sixty-five hours of legal service as well as participate in a year-long professionalism program. For more information about our new third year, click here.

Watch two of our transfer students, Gene Hamiton and Jeremy Holt, discuss their respective experiences in our new third year curriculum:

What do I need to submit to apply?

  • The W&L admission application indicating your intention to seek admission as a transfer student. We only accept electronic applications, and we assess no application fee for applications submitted online.
  • An official statement of your cumulative class rank at the end of your first year.
  • A letter from the dean of your current law school, written after the end of the spring semester, stating that you are a student in good standing and are eligible to return to the law school for your second year.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members at your current law school.  Letters may be submitted directly or through LSDAS.
  • An official transcript of your entire first-year’s work in law school issued after spring semester grades have been posted.
  • A copy of your LSAT/LSDAS report. You should contact LSAC to insure that your LSAT/LSDAS subscription is current.

To apply, click here. For additional answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the transfer process, please see our FAQ page for transfer students.

Thank you again for your interest in W&L Law, and if we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available via email at LawAdm@wlu.edu or by phone at 540.458.8503.

Good luck!

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