For Transfer Applicants…

As of today (March 1), we will begin accepting transfer applications. And, as we’ve made a few changes to our application process, I thought I would take a moment to detail these recent changes.

To begin, a few things:

Please note, as with our JD application process, transfer applicants are not assessed an application fee when applying to W&L Law. That’s right. No application fee.

As to the application process, from transfer applicants, we require the following:

– A completed application

– An official statement of your class rank at the end of your first year

– A letter from your current law school, written after the end of the spring semester, stating that you are a student in good standing and are eligible to return to the law school for your second year.

– One letter of recommendation from a faculty member at your current law school or a lawyer who is familiar with your work product. For more details about this requirement, see below.

– An official transcript of your entire first-year’s work in law school issued after spring semester grades have been posted.

– A copy of your CAS report.

So what’s so different about all this?

Well, perhaps the most important change we’ve made is to our letter of recommendation policy. In previous years, we required two letters of recommendation from faculty members at your current law school. However, in speaking with past transfer applicants, we found they considered this requirement particularly onerous. While finding one recommender to write a letter of recommendation was possible, finding two such people often proved extremely difficult. Consequently, in light of this feedback, we have amended our policy. Now, applicants have options (or at least an option).

We require one (1) letter of recommendation from a faculty member at your current law school OR a lawyer who is familiar with your legal work product. While we prefer you submit a letter from a faculty member at your current law school, we recognize that, over the past couple years, letters from faculty have become increasingly difficult for many transfer applicants to obtain. Consequently, you have the option of identifying a lawyer who is familiar with your legal work product in order to satisfy your letter of recommendation requirement.

Nevertheless, there are a few caveats to this “lawyer” option. Specifically, if you choose to have a lawyer write your letter of recommendation, he/she must be familiar with legal work you have performed as part of a position you have held during your time in law school and be able to speak specifically to your performance in that position.

The other change to our letter of recommendation policy is that all letters must be submitted electronically through the Law School Admissions Council’s Letter of Recommendation service (this is included as part of the Credential Assembly Service).

In addition, we are accepting transfer applications earlier this year. If you choose to submit your application before your second semester grades are available, please consider also submitting a copy of your first semester transcript. For candidates who choose to do this, it is possible we may take a look at their application before we receive a copy of their entire first-year transcript and letter of good standing. Consequently, applying early and including a first semester transcript may very well be advantageous.

For more about the transfer application process, please see our webpage for transfer students as well as our FAQs for transfer applicants. And as always, if I can be of further assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 540.458.8503.

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