Why I Chose W&L Law #6

by Rachel Vargo

As previously noted, over the next few weeks, we will feature a number of blog posts by current students in which they discuss why they chose W&L Law. Today, third-year student, Rachel Vargo, takes on the topic.

Before applying to law school I knew a couple of things.  First, I definitely wanted to be a lawyer, and second, I wanted to attend a law school where I would have opportunities to be involved and where I would not simply be a number in the back row of a large lecture.  Beyond those certainties, I knew very little.  I was uncertain about where I wanted to go to law school, where I wanted to practice, and how to approach the seemingly daunting task of applying to and choosing a law school.  So instead of making checklists and doing in-depth research about tons of law schools, I simply took the LSAT and applied to schools in areas where I thought I might want to go to school and ultimately practice after graduation.

This search led me to apply to W&L Law.  W&L’s reputation and proximity to Washington, D.C., an area I was interested in practicing, made it an appealing option for me.  But other than those two factors, I knew very little about the school.  After applying to and hearing back from several law schools, I decided to go visit W&L and Lexington.  Visiting W&L and Lexington was the best decision I made in my law school search process because it really helped me get a feel for life in Lexington.

During my visit, I met with a current student who gave me a wonderful tour of the law school and provided great insight into what it meant to be a student at W&L Law.  The thing that I remember most about this student was that he spoke about the law school and his life in Lexington with genuine enthusiasm and really seemed to be happy, in law school.  After hearing stories of the stress of law school, it was a huge relief to discover that W&L students, while still under the pressures of law school, seemed to be genuinely happy with their lives as W&L students.

I also had the opportunity to meet with staff members in the Admissions Office who went out of their way to get to know me and seemed truly interested in knowing why I wanted to attend law school and who wanted to ensure that I received as much information about the law school and life in Lexington as possible.

After my visit with the Assistant Director of Admissions, he suggested that I stop by the Blue Sky Bakery, a Lexington bakery and a favorite lunch spot in town, with my mom who was visiting Lexington with me.  This suggestion sealed my fate.  Sitting outside at Blue Sky on a sunny and warm spring day after meeting so many welcoming people at W&L, I knew that I absolutely wanted to attend W&L Law.  A few months later, I knew that my decision to attend W&L Law was the right one for me when, during Law School Orientation, the Assistant Director of Admissions actually remembered me from my one visit to W&L and greeted me by name.

It’s hard to believe that after three years in Lexington, I am getting ready to graduate and will be leaving in just a few short weeks.  While law school is at times stressful, I am so happy with my decision to attend W&L Law.  Because of the small size of the school and the strong sense of community, I have not only had the opportunity to be involved in law school life in a variety of ways, but I have also made some of my best friends here and that is why three years later, I am so happy that I chose W&L Law.

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