International Law Week #5

As previously mentioned, we have an increasing number of students working abroad and in international law-related areas during the summer. Last summer, several of our students worked in Cambodia, and a few weeks ago, Professor Brian Murchison spoke with a few of these students about their experiences for his radio show, Equal Time.

The students Professor Murchison interviewed did a variety of things during their time in Cambodia. Christopher Ford, a third-year student at W&L Law, worked for the United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials in Phnom Penh. Katie Gray, a second-year student, working for International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) in Prey Veng and Pursat, Cambodia. Jamie Marr, a second-year student, worked for a non-governmental organization, Housing Rights Task Force. Click here to stream the radio interview here.

We also asked, Katie Gray some questions about her experiences working Cambodia, and what began as an interview about working in southeast Asia quickly turned into a conversation about the important role faculty members play at our law school in mentoring students, nurturing and directing their interests and assisting them as they pursue their professional ambitions.

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