The Third Year – The Blog Series

While we feel very strongly about our three-year curricular progression, we also realize our third year is in many ways the year at W&L Law that differs most from what you will encounter at other law schools. At W&L Law, this year is entirely experiential and designed to provide you with a variety of practice experiences, both real and simulated, that will allow you to begin your transition to life as a lawyer a full year before joining the “real world.” Furthermore, you willl make this transition in law school, an educational environment in which feedback and instruction are not only possible, they are the norm.

Over the next two weeks, we will cover the many components of our third year in an effort to give you a better sense of just what students do during this year at W&L Law.  We will begin by discussing the skills immersions, the two-week practice intensives that begin each semester in which students are exposed to the very skills they will likely need for their practicum and actual practice experiences. After that, we will take a look at the Legal Profession, the semester-long investigation of topics relevant to the current state of legal practice, and the law-related service requirement.

We will then move on to the practicum courses, the simulated practice experiences in which students engage the law as they will as lawyers: through client problems. We will close with an in-depth look at the “actual practice” component of the third year and the many things students do to satisfy this requirement.

In the meantime, check out these materials about our third year:

W&L Law’s Third Year Webpage

W&L Law’s Make Each Year Count Webpage

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