Phi Alpha Delta Auction

Today, we take a break from our coverage of our third year curriculum with a review of our annual Phi Alpha Delta auction. This year’s event took place on Thursday, January 19th. Below, Admissions Counselor, Lisa Rodocker, offers her thoughts on this year’s auction. 

Prospective students often ask about life outside of the classroom here in Lexington.  What do students do with their (limited) free time?  How active are student organizations? How well will I get to know the faculty?  Well, one of the best examples of students and faculty coming together for a good cause is the Phi Alpha Delta charity auction held on a recent Thursday evening in the school’s Moot Court Room.

The auction is an annual event organized and hosted by Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) to benefit local non-profit organizations as well as to provide scholarship funds for students participating in public service summer internships.  This year’s non-profit recipients are Project Horizon, a local crisis center for domestic violence victims; the local Free Clinic; and Yellow Brick Road, a childcare center in town.  Well over 100 students from all years, faculty and staff turned out for this year’s event and for the reception that preceded it.

Primary organizers 2L Callie Waers and 1L Casey Coleman forewarned me that this is not your typical auction:  faculty members serve as the auctioneers, and the big ticket items are golf outings, dinners and lunches with professors.  This year’s co-hosts were Professor Beth Belmont, Director of the Community Legal Practice Center, and Professor J. D. King, Director of the Criminal Justice Clinic. And who are the bidders? The students. Yes, W&L Law students like their faculty members so much that they are willing to donate their own money to spend extra time with them outside of the classroom.  This year’s most sought-after items included a golf outing with Professors Belonick and Luff; tickets, snacks and drinks for four with Professor Luna at a local Salem Red Sox game; and the chance to be Dean for a Day (see the full list of live and silent auction items at the end of this article).  As Callie predicted, the evening was something of a comedy show as students vied for the opportunity to be their favorite professor’s dinner guest. For Casey, getting to know upper-class students and the faculty in such a personal way was the most rewarding aspect of organizing the event.  As I watched the bidding unfold I was struck by the number of faculty who participated in the effort, the great response from the students, and the tremendous benefit for the local non-profit organizations from this event (a record $17,552 was raised year).

The auction is only one example of the events that PAD organizes throughout the year (next up on their list:  a canned food drive that purchases immunity for participating students from being cold-called on in class), and PAD is just one of the many active student organizations at W&L Law.  With such a range of active organizations at the school and throughout Lexington, most students have no problem finding an outlet for whatever they’re passionate about.

Live Auction Items

  • First Draw in Carrel Lottery
  • Manicure by the Palmolive Hand Model for Two
  • Salem Red Sox Tickets, Snacks and Drinks for Four with Prof Luna
  • Vintage Jewelry Making Workshop for Four with Prof Fraley
  • Cooking Class for Four with Profs Shaughnessy & Wiant
  • Dinner for Four with Prof Henneman
  • Lunch and Golf for Two with Profs Calhoun & Johnson
  • Homemade Italian Dinner for Four with Prof Moliterno
  • Golf Outing for Two with Profs Belonick and Luff
  • Dinner for Six with Profs Massie & Wiant
  • German Dinner for Six with Prof Miller
  • Dinner and Beer for Six with Profs Fraley and Franck
  • Lunch for Four with Prof Millon
  • Golf and Lunch OR Dinner & Drinks for Two with Prof Moliterno
  • Dinner for Two at Café Michel with Prof Murchison
  • “Dean for a Day” on April Fools’ Day by Dean Grunewald
  • Dinner for Four at Brix with Profs Mark and Michelle Drumbl
  • Dinner for Six with Prof Belmont
  • Bocce and Bourbon in the Springtime for Six with Profs Bond & King

Silent Auction Items

  • Telluride – Images of America, Authored by Ms. Barbour
  • One-time Nike / Converse / Hurley Purchase with Employee Discount
  • Lawyerly Film Festival
  • Host for a Night of Davis Trivia
  • “Puppy Pack” of W&L Items to Outfit Your Dog in Style
  • One Dozen Cupcakes
  • Two-Dozen Homemade Tamales
  • First Carwash and Wax of the Spring (2)
  • Law Coffee Table Book
  • Two Cookbooks
  • Bobblehead Doll of Supreme Court Justice
  • First Year Second Semester Study Aid Pack
  • Seven BarBri Tuition Credit Vouchers – Applicable for the Eastern Region

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