Summer Employment Opportunities, #5

Chrishon McManusWe asked several of our 1Ls and 2Ls to discuss the role W&L Law has played in their summer employment search.  Chrishon McManus, a 2L from Charlotte, North Carolina, offers us his perspective.

This summer I will spend ten weeks as a summer associate at Arent Fox LLP, a Washington, D.C. based firm with approximately 350 attorneys in Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, and a new office opening in San Francisco this spring. As a summer associate, I expect to be assigned work comparable to that of a first-year associate. I will rotate through practice groups and spend roughly equal amounts of time in the Litigation, Business, and Regulatory departments of the firm.

I was familiar with Arent Fox’s reputation before law school because I had spent time in D.C. Last year I applied to Arent Fox for its 1L program but was not selected.  I decided to apply again because it was one of the few firms that provided the exact type of opportunities that I was looking for, namely a mid-sized firm in D.C. that has experts in all fields as opposed to a firm that specialized in one or two areas. Out of all the employers, I narrowed it down to a few and focused on those while applying to a variety of employers. I believe that one of the reasons I was chosen for this position is because I am very interested in this particular firm and the work that it does. While many 2Ls find their summer jobs through OCI or jobs fairs, I was lucky enough to be hired after applying directly to the firm through its online application.

The Office of Career Planning at W&L was an invaluable resource to me during my job search. I had people who were always available to read draft after draft of my resume and cover letters, even in the middle of the summer when the application process begins. While I did not find this particular position through OCI or a job fair, the Office of Career Planning helped me prepare for those interviews as well. Even far from campus, there was someone at a job fair in Atlanta available to answer my questions and help me appeal to employers. OCP connected me with alumni who were willing to volunteer their time and sit down with me to conduct mock interviews or just answer questions about their practices.

I went to college in D.C., and it was always my intention to return after law school. It was important to me that the firm be based in the District because I wanted work in the same location as the firm leaders and be a part of a firm that focused on the local community with its service efforts. Ultimately, I plan to be a transactional attorney and Arent Fox is the perfect place for me to develop an expertise in corporate and securities law.

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