Comparative Constitutional Law Academy Day 3

Editors Note: A group of W&L Law students are currently  in Germany for an intensive week-long exploration of German law and legal culture. The German Comparative Law Academy, organized by Prof. Russ Miller, brings together American and German law students for a scholarly exchange on both countries’ legal systems, with an emphasis on Constitutional Law.

by Brittany Rainey

Greetings from Erfurt, Germany! Today was another great action-packed day for the W&L students. We started off our day with an early morning class at 8:30am. Students all stumbled in tired and blurry eyed but (mostly) ready to get started. Our generous German friends provided us with another great breakfast spread that thankfully included coffee and sweets. Today’s discussion focused on free speech in Germany and the diverse background of the students made for a lively discussion. Unfortunately our classroom time was cut short by the weather. It has been snowing in Germany since we arrived!  Around 11am the W&L and Brandt students traveled to Weimar to tour Buchenwald. It was an extremely moving experience for everyone.


Back in Erfurt we took a beautiful walk through the snow and our wonderful tour guides took us to try some Sudanese food. After lunch we found ourselves with a little bit of free time –something we had yet to experience on this trip! We all spent the next hour or so on our own catching up on reading, sleeping, and shopping.

We reconvened at the Brandt school at 7pm for a showing of The People vs. Larry Flint. The film was excellent and we got to watch it while eating pizza and other snacks and drinking German beer. In addition to its entertainment value, the film also gave the German students a brief look into free speech in the United States –an issues that we will be tackling at the very reasonable time of 10am tomorrow. Thankfully Professor Miller has decided to let us sleep in! After the movie ended the Brandt students took a number of us out to experience a German bar. We stayed out late drinking delicious German beer and wine and having great discussions. Professor Miller will be happy to hear that there was even some law discussed. Eventually we took the tram back to our rooms and got started on tomorrow’s reading assignment (hopefully).

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