My Time at W&L Law – Casey Coleman

With less than a month left in the 2013-2014 academic year, we asked several of our third-year students to reflect upon their time at W&L Law. Today, Casey Coleman takes on the topic.

Casey Coleman '14L

Casey Coleman ’14L

As I sit on the porch sunning myself for the first time this Spring, I find myself excited for the next adventure and so grateful for my W&L experience. I know I made the right choice because with only a few weeks left I have no regrets. I studied hard, got involved, made lifelong friends, and had a fabulous time.

In my first year, besides all the studying, Washington and Lee gave me the opportunity to join Phi Alpha Delta and run their famed Charity Auction even though I was so new I was still trying to find the best bathroom. Professors and businesses donated everything from homemade dinners to fly fishing trips, and that year we increased the amount we gave to local charities by 100%. W&L provides opportunities for everyone who wants to be involved.

In my second year, I took a chance and joined the Student Bar Association, the law school version of student government.   Now, as President, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the renovation of the law school, to solve student concerns, and to plan fabulous events like Pig Roast, where we all camp out along the nearby Maury River, and our 3L trip to the Foxfield Horse Races in Charlottesville.   Law school can be a grueling experience, but I had the opportunity to make it better for everyone.

A recent tragic event has yet again made me realize I joined the right community. The support from faculty, staff, and administration has been tremendous, and I know this experience is unique.  The school hired a bus to take friends to the service in Pennsylvania, put together a school wide dinner in remembrance and celebration, and continues to ask what more they can do.  I personally received overwhelming support from classmates and great friends.  We are 126 strong and I know I can depend on everyone for whatever challenges arise.

When I said “yes” to W&L, I said “yes” to lifelong friends, a fabulous academic experience and a community where I will always feel welcome.


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